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Founded in Essen as a sharpening company for circular saw blades by Alfred Lindemann in the early 1970s, the company has continuously developed into a specialist for professional service on saw blades of all kinds in the Ruhr area.   In 2014 the company was taken over by D. Yang.

Established in 2012 by D.Yang as a production company for thin-kerf saw blades. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art production technology for the production of these very special sawing tools.

In 2015, the circular saw production of the Arntz branch in Schmölln, Thuringia, was taken over with all employees and machines by D. Yang. Thus, the valuable circular sawing experience of the Schmöllner employees was transferred to Lindemann GmbH.

Acquired by D.Yang in 2016 as a production company for blade bodies. With the acquisition of ASK, the Lindemann Group achieves a production depth that is unrivalled worldwide.

All companies are directly or indirectly transferred to LINDEMANN GmbH.
• The blade-body production is in Villeneuve St. Germain / France
• The production of thin-kerf saw blades is located at the main plant in Dortmund / Germany
• TCT saw blades, HSS saw blades and segmental saw blades are produced in Schmölln / Germany

The production sites Dortmund and Schmölln employ a total of 42 employees. LINDEMANN Schmölln is also a vocational training centre.

In 2016 LINDEMANN USA was founded in Glenshaw near Pittsburgh. There, 11 employees are employed with sales and service.

All 3 companies have their own trucks for the haulage and bridging service for professional service on all kinds of circular sawblades.

Dongqing Yang, the investor, is the owner and managing director of TANGSAW in Tangshan, China. The company Tangsaw was a state enterprise and became insolvent in 1999.
D. Yang bought the company and became the world's largest circular sawblade manufacturer within less than 10 years. Today Tangsaw employs nearly 500 people and holds 80% market share in China.

Synergy effects for the benefit of our customers.
Synergy is defined as the mutual support of several partners.
This is exactly the effect of working with Tangsaw.

Of course, LINDEMANN benefits from the know-how of the numerous TANGSAW engineers and the financial power.                                    

In addition, LINDEMANN has developed its own R & D department, in which professionals who have been living in European sawing technology for decades, are developing thin-curve sawblade in close cooperation with our customers.

Meanwhile, TANGSAW has a LINDEMANN division in which our High-performance thin-curve-blades "Made in Germany" are sold in China.

Furthermore, LINDEMANN GmbH is becoming a strong competitor to the relatively small European circular sawblade sector, which keeps market prices in customer-friendly areas and significantly promotes the development of each manufacturer.